Thank God It’s Thursday

Thank God It’s Thursday is the prequel to bestselling author Will Willimon’s highly successful, Thank God It’s Friday. Following the book of John, Will Willimon focuses oPrintn Jesus’ teaching of his disciples prior to his own death but also before their own hour of decision. The climax of the Gospel is when Jesus pours out his life on the cross—surely an enactment and demonstration of the power of God’s self-sacrificial love.

So to sustain and fortify his followers for the difficulties ahead, Jesus prepares them by teaching and offering sacraments of self-giving, through which they (and we) experience the grace and presence of the risen Lord. This book can equip Christians to face their hardships as they humbly serve with the promise of God’s abiding presence already made good by his outpouring of sacrificial love. Written with the clarity, depth, and insight that are Will Willimon’s trademark, this book offers afresh the challenge and grace of the message of the Resurrected One.

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Incorporation: A New Novel from Will Willimon

Hope Church—its clergy and its people—are quite a congregation, an unforgettable cast of saints and sinners. While serving a heavenly realm, they also have their feet plainly planted in the muck and mire of the real world. Here is an Easter story of ordinary folk caught in the gracious grasp of an extraordinary God. In this rollicking, hilarious, sometimes pathetic, fast-paced, and always entertaining journey through a month of Sundays at Hope Church, we meet a wild cast of characters in church people surprised to be the body of Christ. Sex, violence, greed, grunge, lust, and lies—all in church! Saints and sinners all, caught within the embrace of a God who refuses to make proper distinctions.

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Bishop: The Art of Questioning Authority by an Authority in Question

As a church leader, it’s easy to make the wrong move and find yourself in a bad position.

“What to teach; How to teach; What to do,” were the three questions Wesley employed at his first conferences.   In sixty previous books Will Willimon has worked the first two. This book is of the “What to do?” genre.

Many believe the long decline of The United Methodist Church is a crisis of effective leadership. Willimon takes this problem on. As an improbable bishop, for the last eight years he has laid hands on heads, made ordinands promise to go where he sends them, overseen their ministries, and acted as if this were normal.  Here is his account of what he has learned and – more important – what The United Methodist Church must do to have a future as a viable movement of the Holy Spirit.

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The Best of William H. Willimon: Acting Up in Jesus’ Name

He’s been called a contrarian, a provocateur, and a few other things we can’t say in print. He’s also been called one of the twelve most effective proclaimers of the gospel in the English-speaking world. He’s been a pastor, a chaplain, and a bishop. But ask William H. Willimon how he sees himself, and he’ll tell you it’s as a preacher and a truth-teller. He has pursued that passion for preaching the truth of God in over sixty books.

Gathered in this volume are Willimon’s best writings on what it means to be a faithful Christian, and a faithful preacher of the Christian gospel, in today’s world. All the themes that so enliven his writings–the gospel’s refusal to be co-opted by the culture, the strangeness of Christian faith, the centrality of the preached word of God–are present here. Whether you’re a long time Willimon reader or are encountering him for the first time, you will find inspiration and much food for thought from this, one of God’s most “peculiar prophets.”

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All Publications

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  • Conversations with Barth on Preaching, Abingdon, 2006.
  • Thank God It’s Friday: The Seven Last Words of Jesus from the Cross, Abingdon, 2007.
  • United Methodist Beliefs: A Brief Introduction, Westminster/ John Knox Press, 2007.
  • Who Will Be Saved?: Abingdon Press, 2008.
  • The Wesley Study Bible, (Co-edited with Joel Green) Abingdon, 2009.
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  • Why Jesus?, Abingdon Press, 2010.
  • A Will to Lead And the Grace to Follow: Letters on Leadership from a Peculiar Prophet, Bryan Langlands, ed. (Abingdon Press), 2011.

Video Tapes

  • “What’s Right With the Church,” set of three tapes, Argus Communications, One DLM Park, Allen, TX, 75002.
  • “A Charge to Keep,” United Methodist Publishing House, P. O. Box 801, Nashville, TN, 37202.
  • “Why I Am A United Methodist,” United Methodist Publishing House, P. O. Box 801, Nashville, TN 37202.
  • “The Search For Meaning,” United Methodist Publishing House, P. O. Box 801, Nashville, TN, 37202.
  • “From Text to Sermon,” Logos Productions, 6180 Carmen Ave., E. Inver Grove Heights, MN 55075, 1996.
  • “Unlocking the Mystery of the Text” Logos Productions, 6180 Carmen Ave., E., Inver Grove Heights, MN, 55075.

Audio Tapes

  • “On A Wild and Windy Mountain,” set of four audio tapes, Christians Listening, P. O. Box 87 Van Wyck, SC 29744.
  • “With Glad and Generous Hearts,” set of four audio tapes, Christians Listening, P. O. Box 87, Van Wyck, SC 29744.
  • “The Laugh Shall be First,” Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN, 1990.
  • “Resident Aliens,” Abingdon Press, Nashville, TN, 1990.

3 thoughts on “Publications

  1. Just finished “Sinning L Ike a Christian”. Never has so little taken so long to say. The book reflects pomposity, and presumption on the part of the author. He delights in using unnecessarily large words when simpler words would suffice and includes digs and barbs on at least three occasions about the country’s political leaders in power at the time of writing . I may not agree with them, but I would not include my personal distaste or show such blatant smarmy disrespect for them in a book about sin unless I was trying to prove the point that this book fails so dismally to make.


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