Dishonoring America

Once again Donald Trump has engaged in racial epithets in a vain attempt to distract America from all of his failures at leadership.  He has chosen to refer to NFL players using a vile, profane term.  It’s racism in full view: the NFL players are protesting racial animus in white America.  They play in a game where about 80% of the players are African American while about 80% of the fans are white.  So Trump not only uses profanity against them in public, but also calls upon team owners to fire them in response. Continue reading


Protest & Public Witness

Earlier this year, I had the chance to share a few thoughts and theological reflections through the General Board of Higher Education & Ministry about protest and public witness. Given the time we are in and the renewed place protest has in our public conversations, I hope you might find it helpful!


An Upcoming Preaching Conference

Every pastor will tell you preaching is one of their most important
tasks. But how and what do we preach in these changing times
when the relevance of Christianity is being questioned, the
message of the Bible is under negotiation, and the saints are
distracted? Join me for a two-day conference on preaching for the present age at Tabor College of Higher Education. I’m looking forward to the conversation, I hope you can join us!

Register here for this conference.


Why are there so few mainline celebrities?

Only someone as insightful as my colleague and friend Kate Bowler would ask a question like this, and then note that our mainline suspicion of the marketplace is likely to blame. I am particularly struck by Kate’s claim that a deeper concern might even be our mainline fear of failure! Enjoy.


Kate Bowler: Why are there so few mainline celebrities? from Faith & Leadership