Being Christian in the World

I share another sermon with you, hosted by A Sermon for Every Sunday, where I am working with the reality that none of us is born Christian. We have to be taught.  And it’s easy enough when we are sitting in a church pew or in a Sunday school class, to feel like a Christian.  But what happens when we walk out into the world?  How do you live like a Christian in a world like this?

Take a listen, and blessings to you as you work to proclaim the good news again this Sunday!



More Than Sunday

I recently had the chance to sit down with Josh Fitzpatrick for a conversation on the excellent podcast More Than Sunday. I’d love for you to hear that episode, as we talk about the next generation of faith.

Take a listen HERE ——>

Fishing, Failure, and A Future

Late in life I got into fly fishing. The thing that impresses one about fly fishing, an aspect of the sport that stays with you no matter how long you practice it, is failure. The Christian life is like that in many ways. You practice and practice and think you’ve got it just right and you still fail. I am sharing with you a sermon I put together for A Sermon for Every Sunday. I hope it can help you in your preparation to preach the Easter news again this week!