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Sermons on Podcast

I recently had the opportunity to preach at Mt Olivet United Methodist Church in Arlington, VA, for the Twenty-Fifth Sunday after Pentecost. I am grateful for the opportunity to preach among the Methodist people there, and grateful for the chance to share the sermon with you all.


Speaking of sharing sermons, I am excited to announce that my podcast is up and active once again! You should be able to find it on iTunes and your favorite podcast app! I will be sharing sermons new and old there, as well as other conversations in which I take part in the days ahead. Enjoy!


Why I changed my mind about homosexuality and the church

I have the honor of sitting in the same little office that Bishop Ken Carder vacated when he left Duke.  I also teach the class that Ken helped to create on mission.  Stanley Hauerwas and I dedicated one of our books to Ken, as a sign of our admiration for him and his ministry.

As usual, Ken thinks clearly and theologically in this piece on “Why I changed My Mind.”  As we slouch toward our historic special General Conference in February of 2020, it’s good to see a bishop stand up and speak up in helping he church think clearly about these matters.  I commend Ken’s thoughtful witness to you.

Will Willimon

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Doing Good, Large and Small

As you prepare to preach the Word of the Lord this week, I want to share a little piece from this week’s Pulpit Resource. For some time now, I have written this weekly resource to help encourage, support, and enable the work of preachers like you, tasked with the awesome burden of proclaiming the Gospel. 

I hope this helps you with this week’s text, as I work with the lectionary’s assigned Gospel Reading from Mark’s Gospel. If you would like to receive Pulpit Resource regularly as a part of your preparations, you can subscribe HERE.

As always, your partner in ministry,

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Redlining and White Noise Part 10

I recently had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with Charles Rotramel and Gregg Taylor as a part of their excellent podcast, ReClaimed. We talked about my work on Willie Earle’s lynching and the preaching that happened because of it, as well as how the future of the church can be changed by our work toward racial healing now. I am grateful for Gregg’s and Charles’ work, for the conversation, and I hope you find it meaningful.

You can listen to the full episode here: reclaimedpodcast.com/shows. It can also be found through iTunes or your favorite podcast player.


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